Title Reports for Disaster & Emergency Assistance SBA Loans

Our Experience

For 20 years, AFX has been performing title search reports for SBA clients, and has worked closely with them to provide the required title documents. Furthermore, we understand the urgency of your SBA application process and perform every SBA title search as a rush order.

For individuals and businesses currently in the process of obtaining an SBA loan for disaster assistance or business expansion, AFX has arranged for a custom title search document to meet the demands of the SBA for the funding package.

Property title search requirements for SBA loans typically require the following checklist items:

  • Record Ownership in the name of the borrower
  • All Prior Liens
  • SBA’s recorded Mortgage/Deed of Trust
  • Tax and Judgment Search
  • Copy of the Legal Description covered in Title report
  • Search at least 30 years

NOTE: The deed of trust for your property must be recorded with the county recorder’s office prior to ordering a title search from AFX. The recorded document will then be part of the final report presented to the SBA for funding.

If your funding requirements are different from this, contact us anytime and we can arrange for a report which matches the specific requests for your funding letter.

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