Title Search for SBA Loan Title Report

Title Ownership Reports for SBA Loans

For Property Disaster Assistance

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has specific requirements when applying for SBA loans after a disaster. AFX has worked closely with the SBA to ensure that our title searches satisfy SBA loan requirements, particularly (but not only) the SBA 7(a) Loan, Release of Collateral / Lien (ROL), and Community Development Corporation (CDC)/504 Loans.

NOTE: It is important that you only order a title search after you’ve recorded the deed of trust with the county recorder’s office. The recorded document will then be part of the final report presented to the SBA for funding.

If your funding requirements are different from this, contact us anytime and we can arrange for a report which matches the specific requests for your funding letter. Call us at: 1-877-848-5337

And For Business Expansion Assistance or Collateral Release

The Small Business Administration provides low-interest federal loans to small businesses looking to expand. As a requirement for this loan, a Title Report, aka Ownership Encumbrance Report, will need to be provided as part of your application.

SBA Title Search understands that time is of the essence with your small business funding, and prioritizes all SBA ownership encumbrance report requests for business expansion. We offer industry leading turn around times (typically 3 or less days), and depending on the complexity of your reporting needs may provide same day turn around.

NOTE: order a title search after recording the deed of trust with your county recorder’s office. The recorded document will accompany your final submission to the SBA for funding.

Let our highly experienced team of title abstractors quickly compile an SBA approved title report that meets the SBA loan requirements for your application. Call us today: 1-877-848-5337